The National Metrology Laboratory is the Metrology Division within The Gambia Standards Bureau. The NML is the national equivalent of what is referred to National Metrology Institute in other countries. It is called a Laboratory instead of Institute in The Gambia in order to differentiate it from educational Institutes and thus be subject to the same oversight as them.

Due to the special requirements of calibration laboratories to be free from vibrations, the NML is located at Abuko away from heavy traffic. With the installation of equipment at the end of 2012 and subsequent staffing and training the Lab currently conducts metrological, specifically calibration, services in Mass, Volume and Temperature.

In this regard, the Lab caters for the calibration requirements of industries, SMMEs, and testing/diagnostic laboratories of all types. We, therefore, call on these entities to grab this opportunity and call on us for their calibration requirements of measurement devices and training on proper use and maintenance of measuring devices and standard weights.


For decades, the country has lacked the capacity to conduct metrological services for the needs of industry and laboratories in general. In the metrology field these are termed Industrial and Scientific Metrology. With the establishment of TGSB, the NML was set up in order to fill this gap and provide these services. Hence, the objectives of the NML are to:

  • Maintain measurement standards of the highest accuracy and traceable to the international standards
  • Provide calibration services that are acceptable and recognized worldwide
  • Promote awareness of metrology and its role on quality and trade facilitation.

The Mass Lab is used to maintain a set of weights known as working and reference standards with their comparators of high accuracy. At the moment, the NML has the capacity to calibrate and issue calibration certificate for mass of classes F2 and lower, ranging from 10 mg – 5 kg. The laboratory can also check and certify measuring equipment such as analytical balances.


Accurate temperature measurements using thermometry equipment in industries, research and health facilities is vital and therefore their due calibration for effective performance is the role of this Lab. With the current equipment, the NML is capable of calibrating thermometers of various ranges. Calibration of liquid in glass thermometer from 30 oC – 80 oC can be done with the transparent water bath.


In this Lab, calibration of volumetric devices ranging from 10ml – 100ml is performed. These include Pipettes, Burettes and Volumetric Flasks and other types of volumetric devices.

For more information or any enquiry, the Lab can be visited or contacted on following address:

National Metrology Laboratory

Abuko Vetinerary Complex

Tel: 437 95 69