The Gambia Standards Bureau observed World Metrology Day on Wednesday 20th May 2015 in the form of an information sharing seminar at Khamsys Technologies Limited in Bijilo. This information sharing seminar attracted a wide range of participants from institutions and privately operated entities across the country.  A welcoming remark was made on behalf of the Director General followed by an official opening remark by the representative from the Ministry of Trade, Industries, Regional Integration and Employment. Presentations on the following topics were made:

-         Operational Status of The Gambia Standards Bureau

-         Measurements and Light

-         Overview of Metrology and the National Metrology Laboratory

-         Essentials of Legal Metrology Systems


Mr. Bai Dodu Jallow made a statement on behalf of the Director General of the Bureau in which he highlighted the mandate of the Bureau and the significance of metrology in daily life. He described Scientific and Industrial Metrology as being under the purview of The Gambia Standards Bureau while Legal Metrology is handled by the Weights and Measures Bureau.

In his official opening statement, Mr. Ousman Bojang, representing the Ministry of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment said the Ministry is fully supporting the Weights and Measures Bureau to ensure that there is fair trade in the country. Furthermore, he assured the gathering that the new Legal Metrology Bill shall be enacted and is hoped that it would address more effectively measurement issues which are not covered by the current act.

He thanked the Bureau on behalf of the Ministry for organizing such a forum.




In his presentation, Mr. Bai Dodu Jallow gave an update on the operational status of the Bureau, stating the activities accomplished and those that the Bureau is currently working on.


This presentation highlighted the significance of the theme in the metrology community. It also accorded the participants a broader understanding of light and light base technologies. Mr. Ismaila Jadama gave some examples of the uses of light in metrology and its applications.


Mr. Abdoulie Cham gave an overview of metrology in The Gambia and the roles of the National Metrology Laboratory. He cited some of the metrology organizations in the world and their roles in the harmonization of global measurement systems and an outline of the services offered by NML among other useful information on metrology.


This presentation was done by Mr. Nasiru Janneh from the Weights and Measures Bureau. He gave an outline of the WMB and their roles as regulators of weights and measures in The Gambia. Speaking on the new bill, he explained how this would change current situations when it is enacted and fully implemented. The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Ismaila Jadama and the closing remark delivered by Osman Bojang (MoTIE) followed by group pictures.

In summary, the seminar attracted varying participants from different institutions who contributed immensely towards the success of the workshop through their individual contributions and comments during each presentation. Key among the recommendations is the close collaboration between the WMB and TGSB to ensure full adherence to legal requirements of measurement in The Gambia.

Prepared by: Ismaila Jadama

The Gambia Standards Bureau joins the international community in commemorating World Metrology Day 2015. As part of activities marking this day, a sensitization program was organized and conducted for market vendors at Serekunda Market ‘Sandika’ on Thursday 11th June 2015. This activity was executed by the Metrology Department within The Bureau in collaboration with the Weights and Measures Bureau.

The forum brought together different vendors who make use of measuring instruments such as balances, Scales, weight sets and so on in their daily transactions in trade. In his opening remarks, Mr. Ismaila Jadama, a Metrologist at The Gambia Standards Bureau said the aim of the sensitization is to enhance the general understanding of metrology by the vendors and the culture of good measurement practice in trade. Mr. Abdoulie Cham gave an insight of the different categories of metrology and the responsibility of the two institutions in each area. He further stated the significance of good measurement and more so measurement traceability.

In his presentation on legal requirements of Weights and Measures in The Gambia, Mr. Cherno Njie, the acting controller of Weights and Measures Bureau said his Bureau is mandated to regulate weights and measures in the country putting emphasis on compliance of the legal requirements of weights and measures and ensuring fairness in trade.

Mr. Abdoulie Njie, a Trainee Metrologist at The Gambia Standards Bureau gave a presentation on good measurement practice with a practical demonstration on ensuring accuracy of measurement when using balances and weight sets. He gave detail explanation in ensuring that common mistakes of measurement in trade are eradicated. “Prior to the purchase of balance, one needs to determine the maximum and minimum weighing capacity for the particular transaction. The balance should have a relatively higher capacity than the determined maximum weight which must be verified and calibrated before use” Njie advised the vendors with emphasis on the care and safety of the measuring instruments at all times.

In his remarks, the president of the ‘Sandika’ association thanked the Bureau for organizing such an event noting that they have learned from the presentations and will adjust to meet the requirements of good measurement standards. He further urged his colleagues to support the enforcement officers in their verification exercises. 

By: Ismaila Jadama


The Gambia Standards Bureau