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The Gambia Standards Bureau was established by the Government of the Gambia through an Act of Parliament in 2010 called The Gambia Standards Bureau Act. The Bureau itself began operations in October 2011.The Bureau is overseen by a Board of Directors which is currently chaired by an independent private individual. Its membership is specified in the Act and is composed of representatives of Government, Consumers, Private Sector and Academia. The Board determines the overall policy and strategy of the Bureau including its finances.

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Public Commenting from NARI for Draft Gambian Standards

The National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) is the only Agricultural research institute in the country that is mandated by an act of parliament to provide technical solutions to the problems of producers and inform policy makers on options to increase agricultural production and productivity by conducting applied client oriented and adaptive research without detriment to the natural resource base and to the environment
NARI is responsible for providing technical, analytical, diagnostic and advisory services and up-to-date information to the agriculture sector.


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