The Gambia Standards Bureau Act of 2010 established the Bureau as the sole National Standards Body of The Gambia with the goal to standardize methods, systems and products produced or consumed in the country.  In addition to Standardization, one of its core functions is to certify products for conformity to standard specifications. In order to fulfill this function, Section 5 sub-section D of the Act mandates the Bureau to specify a Standard Mark called The Gambia Standards Bureau Certification Mark. 


According to the International Standard for Bodies Certifying Products (ISO/IEC17065:2012), the Bureau is required to issue attestations to product certification clients that have been certified using its approved Standard Mark of Quality.  The Bureau has set up a Certification Body (CB) with a Product Certification Unit to undertake the certification of products.  As a first priority and in response to the national stakeholders’ needs as well as the broader ECOWAS Regional Quality Infrastructure, the Bureau has defined a Product Certification Scheme for Bottled/Packaged Drinking Water.  It is in this regard that the Bureau is undertaking the design and production of its Standard Mark of Quality that would be issued as an attestation on bottled/packaged drinking water products that meet the requirements of the National Standard on Packaged Drinking Water.