The main objectives and functions of the Bureau, as specified in the Act, are as follows:

  • Establish and promulgate standards for imported and locally produced goods
  • Define, Prepare, Publish, Modify or Amend Standard Specifications;
  • Promote Standardization, Conformity Assessment and Metrology in Industry and Commerce;
  • Promote industrial efficiency and development;
  • Promote standards in public and industrial welfare, health and safety;
  • Promote information dissemination on standards;
  • Inspect on request by Government or private bodies, consignments of goods supplied, received or prepared for export and to deliver certificates of their conformity or otherwise to requirements of standards;
  • Specify a Standard Mark called “The Gambia Standards Bureau Certification Mark”;
  • Keep and maintain national primary standards of measurements in line with international standards and reference standards for calibration of measures and measuring instruments;